4 Different ways to drink Japanese whisky

traditional serve of japanese whisky1. Ice ball whisky

This drink will demonstrate the importance of perfectly carved ice ball which replaces the usual ice cubes. The solid block of ice with no air trapped inside will call for a better drinking experience and a greater cooling power. Slow dilution will help to bring out different flavours as whisky interact with ice that is melting.

2. Mizuwari (with water)

Traditional Japanese serve with the high ratio of water to whisky which will transform the drink into a less alcoholic one that retains the most of its flavours. If you want to prepare it properly it takes a bit of time firstly you need to stir whisky with the block of ice it will open up its aromas then dilute with water. When choosing a water ensure you don’t choose the one that is too rich in mineral content to avoid whisky to be clashing with them.

3. Highball (with soda water)

This type of serve is actually whisky and soda, enjoyed usually during the meal helping to cleanse the palate as you eat.Traditionally prepared in a highball glass with 1 part whisky to 3 parts soda water.

4. In a cocktail

Japanese whisky can be used in a range of different cocktails that will highly depend on the type of whisky used but in general Japanese whisky will shine in more straightforward sour or old fashioned styles. For a bit of inspiration, I’ve made a cocktail using a fat-washing technique called Duck rise .

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