martin fort mixing cocktail

About Martin Fort ''The Founder of Conscious Mixology''

After many years working in the hospitality industry in various positions and environments, being in charge of service in the restaurant, training new staff, consulting for a beverage brand or running a bar program. I know all the upside downs of the bar business, but still looking for new creative and innovative ways, how I can enrich the cocktail culture.

I've discovered that there are plenty of great cocktail blogs out there but the majority of them are focusing solely on cocktail recipes.

Nothing is wrong with that but no one actually teaches the fundamentals that I believe anyone who is passionate about cocktails should start with.

I regularly contribute to my blog which was included in 25 best cocktail blogs on the internet according to the Feedspot.

As the author of the book Design your own cocktail recipes, I've proven my expertise by developing my own method for designing cocktail recipes.

I help you to deconstruct every element of the cocktail, teach you the proper mixology technique and guide you through the world of spirits. But don't take my word for it.

Cocktail & Bar Consultant

With the rise of craft cocktail movement, you need to keep up with the latest trends, innovations and tools at your disposal, in today's competitive bar industry.

Seems like, it's harder than it was ever before to get customers in your door, especially if you are ignoring your online presence.

I've been helping small bar business owners to grow their businesses but I still found myself to be a bartender/mixologist that has unique skills and knowledge to take your bar business to the next level.

  • Designing customer-driven and cost-effective cocktails and drink menus for your bar, event or beverage brand.
  • Helping to identify and develop your business strategy, branding and offer a solution for your bar, product or service to maximise the profitability, raise the standards and enhance customers experience.
  • Marketing your Bar business online, increasing your online visibility, attracting more customers and turning them into most loyal regulars with the right tools and strategies.

So, whether you're looking for a complete solution such as opening a new bar, reinventing the existing one or have a specific problem that needs to be fixed.

I can help you to find a solution that you've been looking for.