Amaro: Different styles of Italian bitter liqueur

Probably the most famous Amari (Aperitivo Italian bittersweet liqueurs) are Campari and Aperol.


This style is a wine-based rather than as other Amari which are made from neutral based spirit.

Punt e Mes
Darker, richer, and slightly more bitter than other sweet vermouths. Punt e Mes meaning “point and a half” which can refer to the taste point sweet and a half bitter. Punt a Mes can substitute both a sweet vermouth or bitter ingredient in Negroni cocktail.

Another Italian bitter liqueur although Artichoke is the main flavouring ingredient Cynar carries distinctive taste profile with herbal notes and its typical bitterness. Amaro Averna
One of the most famous amari which is quite approachable for drinkers due to its caramel sweet flavour and bitter finish. Cynar Negroni or Bitter Giuseppe.


Very popular French Aperitif Bitter liqueur which is predominantly flavoured with roots of Gentian plant, bitter orange peel and fennel. Dry, bitter with a grassy and citrusy tasting notes. Suze can be used in different twists on Negroni cocktail White Negroni, Amber Negroni.

German Digestif which also belongs to the Amaro family made with 56 herbs and spices with slightly sweeter and assertive herbal taste profile.

Fernet Branca

Fernets are usually sharper and bitter than other Amari.
The most famous brand with minty and bracingly bitter taste profile. Fernet Branca is commonly enjoyed as a digestif but because of its complex taste profile, it can make a difference in cocktails Haberdasher.

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