5 Different techniques to clarify a liquid

different techniques to clarify a liquid

What is clarification?

Clarification is a method of removing suspended particles and separating clear liquids from cloudy solids. Clarity of liquid can appear at 3 different stages clear liquid, cloudy one and something in between. The result of clarifying liquid is clear liquid that although doesn’t mean colourless.

The reasons why to clarify a liquid can be countless not just the purer looking drink but as well great potential for a good carbonation outcome and the texture which you would like to achieve by removing solids and reducing body.

Different techniques for clarification

Before you decide which technique to use for clarification you need to evaluate your liquid how long it’s gonna last, if it’s heat stable, acidity, and density of liquid.

1.Filter clarification – filtration blocks particles allowing the clear ones to come through, This type of clarification requires much finer strainers.

2.Gel clarification – particles that were making your liquid cloudy are trapped in a gel and then the clear liquid is leaking out. Firstly you need to incorporate your gelling agent into liquid and then decide whether to use freeze process or quick agar clarification.

Adding Gelatin – gelatin needs to be firstly soaked in a cold water and then heated to be fully dispersed, you need to freeze your gelatin solid where the whole process takes a lot of time, using 5g of gelatin per litre

Adding Agar – agar needs to be heated to the boil to be dispersed into the liquidmany advantages, vegetarian friendly, leak more than gelatin, gel is formed before the process begins so you can verify that it will work, much faster process, negative aspect is that it needs to be boiled to fully incorporate

This method doesn’t work for liquids which don’t last long such as lime juice.

Quick Agar clarification – you can incorporate agar into liquid just by whisking or blending,  freezing is not necessary, the whole process can be done in under an hour, not as perfect as freezing method requires a lot of practice, not convenient for the large quantities

3. Centrifuge clarification –much quicker and effective although the most expensive option, centrifuge spins the liquid at high speed

4.Egg White – used traditionally to filter impurities from liquids

5.Pectin Enzyme – pectin that holds fruits together, there exists enzymes that break down pectin and otherwise stable purees and juices. It works for the fruits and vegetables with high pectin content


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