Classic Martini Cocktail variations and twists

Classic Martini usually comprise of Gin or Vodka, Vermouth and particular garnish. You can as well add some solution or bitters.
It’s served in different ratios spirit to vermouth and what makes really a difference is what brand of spirit and vermouth you use. Garnish is a little final touch which compliments this simple although sophisticated cocktail.

Cocktail recipes and twists

Ratio depends on particular taste. For extra dry martini is recommended Noilly Prat Vermouth, Dolin dry Vermouth for more flavourful dry style and Lillet Blanc for wet martini.

Gin Martinis with a garnish

Choosing the best Gin
No3 Gin with Lemon twist

Tanqueray 10 with Grapefruit twist
Portobello Road with Grapefruit twist
Gin Mare with Olives “optional”(salt tincture or olive brine)
Boodles with Rosemary sprig “optional”(lightly burned to release aroma)
Gilpins with Cocktail Onions
Hendricks with Cucumber slice(Peeled)
Whitley Neil with Orange twist

Vodka Martinis with a garnish

Choosing the best vodka
Belvedere with Grapefruit twist
Chopin Vodka with Olives stuffed with blue cheese
Grey Goose with Lemon twist(Orange Bitters)
Black Cow Vodka with Cheddar cheese


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