How to use cocktail mixing glasses

Mixing glasses or vessels are used for making a stirred drinks and each of them has its own benefits. In general, they should be made from durable tempered glass which can handle rapid temperature changes especially when you wash the glass and then put it in the freezer.

Shaking tin

You can also use shaking tin as a vessel for stirring but it has two negative aspects. First of all, metal is poor insulator so it doesn’t chill your drink as quickly as glass. And secondly, it doesn’t let you see through the metal tin what’s happening to the drink as you stir.

Boston glass

Another option would be to use Boston glass. It has all the positive aspects of Mixing glass plus you can save money because you will need Boston glass anyway for shaking. On the downside, you can fit in the most cases only one drink to stir in the glass and it doesn’t have a little spout which makes it so easy to pour a drink in a glass. 

Japanese mixing glass

I think it’s worth it to invest in Japanese mixing glasses from the presentation point of view to the actual best results when stirring a drink. These mixing glasses are made from extra-thick glass and are efficient insulators which will help you to achieve colder drink.cocktail mixing glass for stirred drinks

The well-known high quality mixing glass which I would highly recommend is Yarai (picture) or other styles such as Stemmed or Paddle mixing glass.


How to handle mixing glasses?

  • Never put a mixing glass in the glass washer it might crack, rather wash it by hand
  • Try to avoid rapid temperature changes
  • Don’t create too much pressure at the bottom of your mixing glass with bar spoon 
  • Always chill your mixing glass before use

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