Difference between Green and Yellow Chartreuse

Both Chartreuse herbal liqueurs share many similarities in the method of production and the exact same 130 herbs and spices they are made from which are kept as a secret but the flavour can differentiate from each other so it’s important to use them with care and in the right situation.

Difference between herbal liqueurs

Difference is mainly in proof and sweetness with Green Chartreuse to be more complex and delicate to use (110 proof or 55% ABV  ) with natural green colour and predominantly herbal taste profile and powerful finish and Yellow Chartreuse with (80 proof or 40% ABV) much milder and sweeter flavour and aroma, includes botanicals Saffron and Honey to boost the natural yellow colour.

How to serve Green and Yellow Chartreuse?herbal liqueurs green and yellow chartreuse

They should be served very cold to bring out all the flavours and aromas. Green Chartreuse can be paired well with Gin(or any white spirit) so it can bring out all the herbal qualities and just a dash of it can add great complexity to a cocktail on the other hand Yellow Chartreuse is best paired with barrel aged spirits Whisky, Cognac, Rum or Tequila.

A few examples of cocktail recipes for each liqueur The Last Word, Green TimeGinger Blast

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    1. @Jonas
      It does seem counterintuitive, as cool tends to blunt and mellow flavors; but I can see that it may help here as the cold may drive some of oils out of suspension in the alcohol and thus bringing them into the nose and onto the tongue. I don’t know if that’s the case, but I can see it working like that.

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