4 Different types of cocktail shakers

boston shaker, tin on tin, cobbler shaker and parisian

Boston shaker

This type of shaker is well known and widely used by bartenders. It comes with a large
usually metal tin (or stainless steel and copper variations) and slightly smaller mixing glass that fits perfectly to create a sealed container for shaking. It also requires separate cocktail strainer hawthorn or julep.

The biggest advantage of Boston shaker is that it’s quick and easy to use in a large-scale bar. It also allows you to see what you are pouring in when creating a cocktail. It comes very handy and almost necessary for free pouring.

The downside is that it won’t make a drink as cold as tin and glass tend to crack easily.

Cobbler shaker

Typically three piece model which consist of tin, tightly fitted top and cap with a built in strainer. 

This model of the shaker is easy to use and perhaps in some way appealing to a certain type of shaking and bar in other cases, it’s recommended to use at home.

Cobbler has also its faults when the cocktail is shaken volume contracts creating a vacuum in the vessel and it makes it hard to remove the top cap. It has a built-in strainer which is not adjustable so you might get tiny pieces of ice or citrus pulp or other solids in your drink which would normally be blocked with a better strainer.

Tin on Tin

Usually, consist of two weighted stainless steel tins one small and one large.

This type of shaker is light weighted, easily form a tight seal and is basically indestructible. It has better thermal conductivity than Boston shaker.

Parisian shaker

Parisian shaker two piece shaker is by far the most appealing one in terms of design and material. And has less rough edges so when shaking it doesn’t chip the ice as much.

Although Parisian shaker is beautifully designed it doesn’t belong to the most inexpensive shakers on the market and the seal is not secured enough so not recommended for a busy bar. 


Based on benefits of each shaker I would recommend to use either a Boston shaker or Tin on Tin both depending on the situation and personal preferences. Tin on tin will make better results because stainless steel tin heats up and cools down quickly using minimal energy. Although this doesn’t have to be the only factor in your final decision.


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