Different ways to carbonate bottled drink or cocktail


different ways to carbonate bottled drinks or cocktails

The term carbonating a drink means dissolving carbon dioxide(CO2) into water. Carbonated drink leaves the pleasant sensation on your tongue with specific taste profile which is very difficult to describe. Basically, more carbon dioxide in your drink means sharper the taste. In order to achieve the best results and taste, we need to make sure that carbon dioxide is delivered right into our drink and that it stays in the solution where certain rules and techniques are applied. Carbonating water is a simple process not as much with the cocktails.

Before we start carbonating our drinks

Amount of CO2 that drink contains depends on temperature, clarity of liquid and pressure. Higher the pressure more CO2 it can hold. 

Carbon dioxide is more soluble in cold water than in warm water. Keep beverages as cold as possible to ensure that CO2 stays in solution once opened.

Clear liquid won’t loose as much CO2 as cloudy one. So you can either clarify your liquid or use clear ones already.

CO2 is more soluble in alcohol than it is in water. Basically more alcohol content in your drink then less CO2 it can hold. Keep your alcohol level to a minimum (Less than 17% ABV).

When CO2 dissolves into the water there is a reaction that produces the small amount of carbonic acid that means that carbonated drinks are slightly more acidic so bear in mind to adjust your recipe.

Carbonation can rise temperature up to 5°C. The size of the bubbles is not the indicator of quality.

Different Techniques

1, Bottle, Cap, Tank – Perhaps the easiest and the most cost-effective technique. All you need is a CO2 tank, pressure regulator, gas hose, ball-lock connector, caps and soda bottle.

2, Cream Whipper – When thinking of buying Soda Siphon I would highly recommend not to! Cream Whipper can do the same job(just fill with CO2 cartridges) and many others such foams(N2O), Infusions. On the other hand buying CO2 cartridges always when you want to carbonate your drink can be quite expensive.

3, SodaStream carbonating system – Although it’s recommended to use only for water when used carefully it can provide great carbonating tool at home.

4, Perlini system – the Commercial way of carbonating your drink and probably also the easiest way with Perlini Shaker. Although the effectiveness might not be as good. 

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