Dry Vermouths Comparison and Cocktails

Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth

Released back on the market in 2012. From 1979 until 2009 it was called French Dry Vermouth in the US. International version was Noilly Prat Original Dry.

This vermouth is made exclusively from white grape variety named Clairette. Blend of  20 botanicals is added into the oak casks filled with wine. Chamomile, bitter orange peel, nutmeg, centaury, coriander, and cloves are just example of the plants used in the recipe.

Colourless version of Noilly Prat  which is made especially for martini drinkers. It’s a lighter in style and without maturation process as supposed to Noilly Prat Original Dry.

Very delicate and floral, grapes and sea salt air like aroma. Light slightly acidic with floral, apricot, orange zest and spicy aftertaste with a hint of saltiness (18% ABV).

This type of vermouth makes a superb martini Classic Dry Gin Martini(inside out method)  and other cocktails: Fire-Breathing Devil, Pantomime Cocktail, Satan’s Whiskers

Dolin Dry Vermouth

A historic vermouth brand made with the same recipe since 1821 in the Alpine Hills around Chambery. Infused with 17 botanicals on an Ugni Blanc wine base.

“Clear, pale golden hue with slight green tinge. Fresh lychee and grape juice nose with aromas of bark, almond, citrus fruit, pine forest and faint hairspray. White wine palate with white wine vinegar, génépi (alpine plant) and pine and salty seaweed flavours. Fresh, clean, slightly acidic, spicy slightly oxidized white wine finish.” (17% ABV).

It can be enjoyed on ice with citrus twist or in range of cocktails: The Rose, Perfect Thyming, Jeff’s Whimsy Shim, Diplomat


Martini Extra Dry Vermouth

Introduced on New Year’s Day in 1900.

Glints of light straw and faint gold in the colour. , this vermouth is vibrant and harmonic, balanced dry and sweet, with delicate dry floral, raspberry and lemon on a foundation of grass notes. Rich and dry on the palate. Sophisticated. (15% ABV.)

Martini is classic style of dry vermouth can be served on ice with a twist or in cocktails: The Money Penny, Left Bank Martini, El Presidente

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