Evolution of Bloody Mary

Belvedere vodka bloody mary with celery foam

 There is good chance that you will either love it or hate it. This Vodka based drink has endless variations with Tomato juice to be the essential element which gives it a pleasant thickness then commonly used Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco(Hot sauce), Salt and Pepper to spice it up and Lemon Juice for freshness. Bloody Mary has become the ultimate day-drinking cocktail or someone would also say a cure for hangovers.

The Origins of Bloody Mary

As with many classic cocktails it’s not very clear where Bloody Mary cocktail originated but it’s credited to Fernand Petiot a bartender at Harry’s New York Bar in the early 1920s but it’s more likely that he only spiced up already established vodka and tomato juice  combo created probably by Hollywood star George Jessel. 

Different variations of Bloody Mary cocktail

Red Snapper – variation made with Gin                                     Bloodless Mary – with Tomato Water
Bloody Bull – with Beef Bullion                                                    Bacon Bloody Mary – with Bacon infused Vodka
Bloody Maria – with Tequila                                                          Peruvian Bloody Mary – with Pisco
Bloody Caesar – with Clam juice                                                 Mediterranean Mary – with Herbs and olive tapenade
Bloody Scotsman – with Scotch Whisky                                    Cubanita – with Rum
Asian Bloody Mary – with Sake and Sriracha                             Bloody Shame(Virgin Mary) – Non-alcoholic version

If you are searching what is the best way to make a Bloody Mary then check the article: 
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The Ultimate Bloody Mary with Celery foam

50 ml Unfiltered Belvedere Vodka infused with Fresh Horseradish and Basil – Let ingredients infuse for 5-7 days in the bottle of vodka then double strain through the cheesecloth. By infusing horseradish we can safely avoid some of the tiny pieces which are usually floating in our drink when using horseradish.

100 ml Fresh Tomato juice-As we want a fresh and thick consistency of our tomato juice and the ones which we buy in a supermarket are usually watery. We will use the fresh tomatoes. So unless you have an industrial blender (Vitamix) then you need to cook your tomatoes before putting them in a blender.

Other ingredients 
15 ml  Lemon Juice
10 ml Fino Sherry (Tio Pepe)
3 Dashes of Worcestershire sauce
3 Dashes of Tabasco (Hot pepper sauce)
Pinch of Celery salt
Pinch of Freshly grounded Black Pepper

Celery Foam For making a foam you will need a Cream Whipper, Chargers N2O, 150 ml of Celery Juice (Use a juice extractor), 60 ml of Lime juice, 35 ml Demerara Syrup, 4 spoons of Egg White.

How to make a foam Simply add all the ingredients into the Cream Whipper charge with N2O, Shake and keep it in the refrigerator.

Pour all ingredients in the Boston glass starting with least expensive ones, then add some ice and a method called rolling when you roll the 2 piece shaker from side to side at least 20 times. Then pour all the ingredients in the highball glass filled with ice and top up with a Celery foam using Cream Whipper.

Basil and Celery Leave


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