Evolution of Negroni Cocktail

origins and twist on negroni cocktail

Negroni is an Italian Aperitivo Cocktail made with equal parts of Gin, Sweet vermouth and Campari, usually is stirred or built in the glass with ice and garnished with an Orange slice or peel.

Although Negroni cocktail can be served also straight up, a more traditional way is to serve it in the rocks glass with ice.

This sophisticated and complex cocktail gets appreciated over time and its bitterness is not for every bud taste but today we can see the rise of Negroni Cocktail, bartenders are experimenting with different styles and variations.

Origins of Negroni

Negroni originally evolved from Americano where American tourists in Northern Italy ask for a splash of soda water in their aperitivo which was back then called Milano-Torino equal parts of Campari(from Milan) and Martini-Rossi sweet vermouth(from Turin) which was also a variation on Torino-Milano Campari and Amaro Cora another fabulous Italian Bitter.

In 1919 regular customer Italian Count Camilo Negroni at Casoni bar in Florence Italy, one day asked for a bit of kick in his Americano so bartender Fosco Scarselli responded by taking out Soda water and replacing it with a Gin. This drink became known as a Count Negroni and then originally Negroni.

Variations of Classic Negroni

Although we can use the vast amount of gin(not only London Dry) or substitute with a different spirit and use different styles of vermouth the only ingredients remaining the same is Campari which is basically irreplaceable without the Italian bitter It wouldn’t be a true Negroni Cocktail.

The Old Pal
50ml Rye Whiskey
25ml Dry Vermouth
25ml Campari
Stir and strain into Coupe glass
Garnish with Orange twist
There are two versions of the drink dated back to 1920s originally made with dry vermouth and then replaced for the sweet vermouth

In 1927 was born the Boulevardier where Rye whiskey is replaced by bourbon.

25ml Bourbon
25ml Sweet Vermouth
25ml Campari
Stir and strain into Cocktail glass
Garnish with Orange twist

Negroni Sbagliato
In the 1980s it was created as a mistake when bartender grabbed the bottle of spumante instead of gin. Since then it became very popular and served as a bar’s signature drink at the bar Basso in Milan.

25ml Martini Rosso
25ml Campari
50ml Prosecco or Spumante sparkling wine
Garnish with Orange slice

New Variations

The classic Negroni 1:1:1
25ml Tanqueray(I prefer Juniper Led London Dry Gin)

25ml Cocchi Vermouth di Torino (Good quality and not too intense as Carpano Antica for a Negroni)
25ml Campari(Obvious choice)
Orange Twist (Spray the essential oils over the glass it gives it necessary citrus aroma)

We can do new variations by replacing gin with a different spirit as in a Mezcal Negroni, Amber Negroni (Cognac in place of gin), Kingston Negroni (Jamaican Rum) or  French Negroni (Orange Vodka).

Or twists by trying different vermouths and bitters such as White Negroni, Unusual Negroni, Bittersweet Symphony, Amaro Negroni or Cynar Negroni.

Or absolute madness with Chocolate Negroni, Smoky NegroniOriental Negroni

And lastly, you can add a bit of advanced mixology with a bottled and aged Negronis or Molecular twist with a Campari Caviar or spaghetti using White Negroni recipe.


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