Fat washing a spirit technique

The appeal of this simple method when you pick either fat or oil is to incorporate a surprising but somehow logical element into a cocktail. Fat washing is basically infusing the flavours of fatty ingredients into a spirit  Some of the common choices are bacon fat, peanut butter, sesame oil but whatever you choose make sure it taste good before you decide to add it to a spirit.

Preparation for Fat washing

Firstly you need to ask yourself how strong is the flavour of the ingredient. If it’s very strong like for example Duck fat then you need to add less of the fat and obviously more for more delicate stuff such as olive oil. If your fat is solid at the room temperature then you need to melt it or extract the fat from the ingredient by frying or cooking it.

How to fat wash a spirit?

Once your fat is in the liquid form then simply pour it into the large(wide) container with your intended spirit for fat-washing, shake it at least once and let it rest for an hour or so. Then place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Normally the fat should float on the top by now so just break it with a spoon and double strain the clear infused liquid through the coffee filter.

Fat Washed Cocktail recipes

The most famous and probably the first to introduce the fat-washing technique Benton’s Old Fashioned 

For my cocktail recipe, I am using Duck Fat (particularly from Peking Duck) which I will be fat-washing with Japanese Whiskey made from 100% Rice in a cocktail called Duck rise.

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