Flavourings, Extracts and Essential Oils and How to use them in a cocktails?

Flavourings(Tinctures) are highly concentrated single flavour infusions. When compared to Bitters which are multiple botanicals dissolved in alcohol and often diluted with water and slightly sweetened. Tinctures remains concentrated at a high proof.

Flavourings(Tinctures) are water soluble which provides exceptionally efficient method of adding flavour to your cocktails without changing a texture of your drink.

Tinctures usually needs to be diluted with a water to release flavour so they are best served in a mixed drink.

Extracts are made by infusing botanicals into high-proof alcohol. Difference between Tinctures and Extracts is the amount of a botanical infused in alcohol. Extracts are more concentrated with a ratio 1:1 botanical to alcohol.  Extracts can be add directly to a cocktail(drop by drop) or spritz over the top with an atomizer.

Essential Oil – Extract from a plant or fruit and then purified so that they impart a very clean and sharp flavour to your drink.

Extracts and Essential oils can be added directly to a cocktail(drop by drop) or spritz over the top with an atomizer.

How to use them in a cocktails?

Why flavourings and not an infused spirit? Because the purpose of that is to add intense flavour to your drink without adding a volume, plus you can use it for a multiple cocktails, not as much with an infused spirit.

One of many factors which is good to know in order to create a cocktail or just be able to describe right tasting notes of your spirit is what flavour compounds occur naturally in a spirits and their tasting notes. Flavours are developed most of the time from aging.

The most emerging tasting notes in barrel aging a spirit are: Vanilla, Caramel, Clove, Smoke

Based on that I am gonna experiment with imparting these flavours to Belvedere Unfiltered Vodka along with Fino Sherry(providing good level of acidity)and Marashino Liquor(Sweet with hint of Smokiness) and make it as an old fashioned style of cocktail, stirred although served in a Martini glass and garnished with a orange twist in a cocktail called New Wave.




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