How to clarify lemon or lime juice for cocktails?

how to clarify lemon and lime juice using agar

Unless you’re planning to invest in Centrifuge or other techniques then the most effective way to clarify lemon or lime juice is by using Agar in its powdered form. Agar usually needs to be heated to the boil to be completely incorporated.

1, Figure out how much juice do you want to be clarified

2. Lime or Lemon juice is heat sensitive so you want to firstly hydrate 2g Agar per litre in water which will be 1/4 of the total volume of your liquid (juice+water).  Afterwards, you will combine it all together. So for example, 750ml of Lime juice, hydrate 2g of Agar in 250ml of water.

3. Hydrating Agar – just add to the small amount of liquid and whisk until powder is dispersed then bring to the boil after a couple of minutes turn down the heat and cover the pot. (Do not add Agar to the hot liquid it will clump.)

4.Combine liquids together – add unheated liquid to the hot solution if you do it other way around Agar will gel before you want it to and might spoil your clarification.

5. Let the Agar set – pour your solution into the bowl or pan and let it set to form a gel, you can speed up the process by putting the container into the fridge or ice-water bath.

6. Quick process – you don’t want to freeze your solution because it takes a time and might spoil your lime or lemon juice, instead gently break the gel by whisking then strain it through cheesecloth or coffee filter and let clear juice flow into a container, don’t apply too much pressure you would ruin your product, it all takes time and patience

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