How to deliver excellent customer service in your bar and build the most loyal regulars

customer service in your bar

Having an excellent customer service in your venue depends on many factors and some of the less obvious ones such as style and level of the music or paint on the walls can also influence the overall perception of your venue.

But is there a universal code for a great customer service that we can follow?

Not really.

It’s all about providing consistent value and exceeding customer’s expectations with every single reaction to your customer service, product quality, presentation or brand.

And of course, every single brand should be unique and so the customer service.

”While drinks quality is incredibly important, it is the experience customers have from the minute they walk in the door to the minute they exit.”

Now, as a manager or the owner of the bar you can influence very little of the customer service but the majority of your bar’s perception, product quality and presentation is determined by your staff.

The excellent customer service is not created by an individual person but by the environment where your bar staff support each other and excel at delivering a consistent value.

How do you create that environment?

#1 Hiring and training Bar Staff

 bar staff hiring

Hire for attitude and train for skills.

It starts with hiring the right people and the qualities of the applicant should be in this particular order.

  1. Attitude – Maintaining a good attitude no matter the day of the week and treating every customer the same.
  2. Personality – Anyone can be trained for skills and knowledge but you can hardly change the character of any person.
  3. Experience – Experience matters as long as the first two criteria are fulfilled.

Bar staff training

I think we’ve all seen a waiter at the bar who is asked about the specific question about drinks but struggling with the answer or a bartender making great drinks but not confident enough to be able to speak with customers.

  • Train your waiters behind the bar and bartenders on the floor. It will result in 100% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Do the spirit tasting, cocktail, wine & beer training regularly. How you want them to sell the drinks If they don’t know how it tastes?

Create a pleasant environment for work

  • Work within the certain rules but let the staff be creative and encourage new ideas for the business
  • Offer FREE staff food and drinks
  • Do promotions within the team regularly 

If you think that it doesn’t have anything to do with a business, you’re far from a true.

People who enjoy being at work and even more ’’having fun’’, can be the universal law for a great customer service.

Even more, you might attract some great workers to your team because people tend to stay at the job where they are feeling comfortable.

So, your goal as a manager or owner of the bar should be to hire, train and then create an environment for your bar staff to thrive.

This is by far the best investment you can do for a success of your bar.

#2 Turning your first-time customers into regulars

building bar regulars

Make it a priority to convert as many potential customers into the regular ones. The statistical likelihood that they’ll return after the first visit is 40% and after the third visit, it’s almost 70%.

Having a few strategies in place for a better customer experience in your venue will be worthwhile.

Leverage Socia Media channels

Without a doubt, your bar should have a strong online presence. Whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you need to make sure that you’re interacting with your potential customers on daily basis.

You can remind them of your specialities at your bar or offer some type of a promotion but at the core, you should always provide them with a consistent value.

Tip: Once you built interaction with your first-time customers, offer them a coupon for a free drink to encourage their return and make them feel special. They will not only become regulars but also help you to spread the word. 

Start a loyalty program

The Loyalty program includes a group of members(loyal fans) that you engage with through a power of email marketing message. With successful scheduled email campaigns, you will build trust and provide value to your members which will result in customers coming back for more.

They can sign up for your loyalty program in exchange for some kind of incentives whether it’s a discount for a drink or possibility to attend a tasting event. 

Exceeding customer expectations

The job of a bar staff is to anticipate needs of your customers.

  • If your customers order a certain drink that they like remember it. Next time they visit, you will surprise them with a drink before they even ask for it.
  • Remembering a customer’s name and making them feel special will not only enhance the customer experience but also increase tips.
  • Consistency is a secret, so make sure your drinks come out the same way, no matter what bartender is currently on the shift.

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