How to drink tequila the right way?

The way to drink tequila depends on many factors and preferences of each person but people tend to have bad memories of drinking tequila for a couple of reasons firstly you need to ask yourself Is it mixto or 100% blue Agave tequila?

Mixto is a commercial type of tequila with at least 51% Agave and the rest is substituted by other sugars. Most people drink this type of tequila as a shot accompanied by the lime and salt with no intention knowing what they are exactly drinking. The main purpose of lime and salt is to disguise bad quality spirit which is not necessary for the most 100% Blue Agave Tequilas. And it’s the high amount of sugars which cause you bad memories and hangovers.

Good quality Tequila is best served simply neat it doesn’t need anything else. There is a classification of tequila based on the ageing system which you should follow.

Basically, Blanco tequila which is not aged and with bold flavours oneat aged spirit in a glassf agave upfront is best suited for mixing in cocktails. Reposado tequila which is aged in wood barrels for a maximum of 12 months has a great balance of flavours between agave and wood from ageing in a barrel. So It can be used in certain types of cocktails or drunk simply neat. Then there are tequilas aged for at least 1 year which you should drink simply neat in a glass in the room temperature.


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