How to make crystal clear ice for cocktails?

Ice cubes in any shape or formIce is one of the most important parts of the cocktail. The one that comes from the home freezer is usually cloudy which is totally fine for some people.

But if you want to make a difference in the presentation of your drink, then clear ice is not actually that hard or expensive to make at home.

What type of ice is the best ice?

An important factor of ice used in a cocktail is how fast it melts in a given length of time.
Basically, the bigger the surface area of ice exposed to the environment then more heat gets transferred into the ice and therefore melts faster.

What do you need to make large blocks of clear ice?

There is available on the market special ice machine that professionally produces the large block of clear ice but it’s fairly expensive.
So, if you are tight on the budget all you need is a large container (insulated sides) that fits into your freezer with the open top, serrated knife and hammer.

tools for making clear ice

How is ice formed?

If you want to know how to make a clear ice you need to understand also how it’s formed. Basically, your topwater is the coldest so it freezes first creating layer by layer from the top down.

What influences clarity of ice?

Cloudiness comes from impurities and air which is trapped inside the ice cube. This is caused by forming ice from all sides (regular ice cube tray) at relatively rapid speed at which it freezes.
The solution is to get your freezer to freeze ice slowly and only from one direction.
The reason why we use large containers with the open top is that heat from the freezing water is conducted better through solid blocks of ice and insulated sides.

How to make a large block of clear ice?

  • Fill your container with a hot water which has less air trapped then the cold one.
  • Don’t put it immediately into the freezer let it cool in the container first. The whole process might take more than 24 hours depending on the volume but you don’t want to freeze it all the way to avoid any impurities.
  • After you take out the block of ice from the container just cut off any impurities which will most likely form at the bottom of the ice block.
  • Once you get a clear block of ice then you are ready to cut it to the required forms and shapes.


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