How to make homemade cordials?

making homemade cordials and other seasonal drinks

There is nothing to compare when creating your own seasonal drinks, from your homemade cordials full of freshness and flavours and made from natural ingredients.

Just to clarify one thing when I am saying cordials I mean strained fruit, flower or herb juice sweetened with some type of sugar and added citrus juice to balance it out. So I won’t be making any alcoholic products. Before 1867 there was a way to preserve citrus juice by adding alcohol to it then they realised that by preserving with sugar rather than alcohol it would open a product up to a far wider market.

By making your own cordials you can control the exact balance of your drink with certain ingredients and not just use what’s commercially available and then create a cocktail according to it.

How to make a Cordial?

As we said earlier cordials are made from flavoured juice, sugar and citrus juice and we gonna keep the same order when making them. 1.Firstly you need a flavoured juice. There are a couple of techniques how to get the most flavour out of fruit, herb, flower or spice.

2.The reason why we add sugar after the extraction of flavour from ingredient is that it’s much easier to strain just juice without the thickness of the syrup. Possibilities which sweetener to use are endless.

3. The obvious choice for citrus juice are lemons and limes but you can as well experiment with acids as a substitution. They occur naturally in citrus fruits and are available in powdered form. For more info about Acids.

Cordials are a necessary ingredient in many classic cocktails. The most famous is definitely Gimlet which was originally made with 1/2Plymouth gin and 1/2Rose lime Cordial as it’s featured in Harry Craddock’s 1930 The Savoy Cocktail Book.You can actually take this recipe and experiment using different flavoured cordials or substitute gin for vodka. I would just slightly change the ratio to 2:1 Gin to Flavoured Cordial.


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