How to make dehydrated garnishes for cocktails?

Cocktail garnishes are the important part of the whole drinking experience and one of the most effective ways to use garnish is by dehydrating fruits or herbs which result in a stronger aroma and flavour, interesting visual appeal and plus it will last for many weeks in the sealed container.

Dehydrating works by blowing warm air on particular ingredients, evaporating water and lowering humidity around the ingredient. By removing water from ingredient will result in a higher concentration of all flavourful compounds and can increase infusion time of a liquid.

Tdehydrating garnisheshere are quite inexpensive ways to dehydrate any ingredient with cabinet dehydrator or simply oven. Dehydrating happens with warm air at 35°C – 80°C  and usually warmer air will dehydrate more quickly so for the best results use low temperature and slow process which is necessary for more delicate ingredients. 


Candied Dehydrated Fruits or Herbs

Firstly slice your fruit into the required shapes then simply soak or use a little brush to cover fruit or herb in a rich simple syrup, place on baking paper in the oven or dehydrator. Let it dry on the low heat for at least 12 hours. You will be left with flavourful, great looking garnish for your drink.

Powdered garnishes

Firstly mix the flavoured liquid with sugar which helps to thicken the liquid then spread the paste on baking paper and place it in dehydrator or oven on the low heat for at least 12 hours. The result will be a thin sheet of flavoured sugar which you need to grind with mortar and pestle to the powdered form. The powder can be used for dusting cocktails or making a sugar rims.


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