How to serve Absinthe the traditional way?

the traditional serve of absintheThis green anise-flavoured spirit which is historically bottled right after distillation with its high strength of around 60-75% ABV. So Absinthe really needed to release these flavours of botanicals using a little bit of dilution with water served with ratio 3 : 1 Water to Absinthe.

There are two ways to serve Absinthe Bohemian method and the traditional French method. The Bohemian method is all about igniting an absinthe-coated sugar cube which melts into the glass to create a flaming drink. The purpose of this method was mainly to disguise poorly made Absinthes which were available in the 1990’s.

The French Method using the water drip fountain where chilled water would be dripped slowly onto a small sugar cube held by a specifically shaped silver spoon to sweeten the drink and absinthe would turn cloudy as the water reacts with essential oils of wormwood, fennel, and aniseed.

How to use Absinthe in cocktails?

Absinthe is a powerful ingredient and not easy to mix in cocktails especially when used as the main ingredient. But when used in minimal quantities or just to rinse a glass it can add great complexity to a number of classic cocktails with probably the most famous one Corpse Reviver No.2.


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