How to use different types of cocktail jigger?

Jiggers are tools used by bartenders to measure ingredients when making cocktails and are available in different sizes and styles.

Set of measuring tools is important as it helps you to achieve precisely balanced drink. There are good tools which can get the job done and then there are better tools which help you to master the thing so choose them wisely.

The sizes of measuring tools depend on a measuring system and differ from country to country so when buying them it’s important not to confuse one with another. We’re gonna focus mainly on two biggest cocktail markets the US and the UK which uses ounces or millilitres(1 oz. = 28 ml). 

Different types of Jigger

cocktail measurements in different countries

Let’s start with the ones which have specific features and differs in each country.

US market

In the US market it’s pretty straight forward you can either get Single Jigger which is a simple single bowl which allows you to precisely measure your liquor or a Classic American Double Jigger which is made from durable stainless steel and is fairly inexpensive. The downside is that it’s quite shallow which let you spill easily.

UK market

In the UK the most common will be Stainless steel Single measure 25 ml or Double measure 50ml which is made from the durable material but the appearance is probably the biggest downfall.

Japanese jiggers

The ones that are produced in the units of both countries are Japanese Jiggers.

This elegant style of Jiggers uses quite deep shaped measurement cups which helps you to avoid any spillage. Also, they often have multiple readable markings which make it easy to use. Although Japanese style of Jigger can be on the expensive side.

Oxo jigger

Another great type of jigger the Oxo Double Jigger which is great looking, durable and has a non-slip grip which makes it so easy to handle plus it can be used basically for any measurement you need with a few extra readable markings. Unfortunately, I was not able to find this Jigger on the UK market.

How to use a Jigger?

  1. Hold a Jigger in your non-dominant hand, right next to your glass intended to pour a liquid and between your thumb and forefinger or in the case of double jigger between forefinger and middle finger for more elegant use.
  2. Slowly pour the spirit in the Jigger that it fills up completely then lightly tip it in the glass.

It all takes time and practice but if you would like to master it then start pouring from a height and then with one move get closer to your jigger. This method reduces a flow of liquid as you pour and allows you to better control the pour of your spirit.

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