4 Different styles of Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey tends to be three times distilled in a pot still, matured in oak cask for at least 3 years and as opposed to Scotch, Irish whiskey is unpeated. Triple distillation leads to a lighter style that matures well resulting in a smoother drinking experience. There are four different styles of Irish whiskey:

Single Malt – Made from 100% Malted Barley at the single distillery using a pot stillIrish whiskey glass with green.

Single pot – This style is unique to Ireland made with 100% Barley both malted and unmalted barley in a pot still.

Grain – Typically lighter in style made from wide range of grain in a column still.

Blended – Combination of single malts and grain whiskeys

Irish whiskey mixes incredibly well with a wide range of different ingredients in cocktails. 


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