Shake, Roll or Throw your Bloody Mary cocktail?

I think everybody will agree that any cocktail tastes better when it’s chilled and a little bit of a dilution with water is essential. But what about Bloody Mary which tastes better if tomato juice retains its viscosity and rich thickness? As many bartenders would proudly say there are methods which can get your Bloody Mary chilled without too much of a dilution and at the same time you can look cool while doing that. Let’s go through all methods and see if there is gonna be any success.

Shaking Bloody Mary

Obviously shaking Bloody Mary for a couple of seconds will result in watery consistency of your cocktail.

Rolling Bloody Mary

This method is basically that you are rolling your shaker from side to side in a slow motion. So what happens here is that you are just postponing the process of chilling and dilution(Chilling and dilution are deeply connected). That’s what most people won’t realise if you will be rolling your shaker just for a couple of seconds your consistency of cocktail will be good enough but not as chilled as it would be by shaking the cocktail. On the other hand, it will mix the ingredients properly.

Throwing Bloody Mary

Throwing a cocktail means basically passing it from one shaker to the other, aerating it. This method is amazing to watch and you will definitely get an attention from your customers.  So How does it compare to rolling a cocktail? Throwing a cocktail will mix your ingredients well but efficiency is not that good. Throwing a cocktail will take at least twice as much time to get it to the same temperature as rolling and I am not talking about unwanted accidents which might happen when performing this method.


Since nobody came up with some method or not that I know which would mix your ingredients, chill your drink with no extra dilution. So I would still prefer the efficiency of a rolling method which mixes the ingredients well and chills your cocktail to some point. So is the only thing missing Ice or No Ice? I would definitely add ice at the best a large block of ice for a great presentation of your Bloody Mary cocktail which will eventually do the job. 

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