Sous Vide method of infusion

Sous Vide method is very effective method of infusing liquid with ingredient or vice versa and is becoming more accessible and affordable to use also at home.  

It’s basically controlled warm maceration where ingredients are sealed in plastic pouches(If you can’t afford vacuum packing machine then there is available on the market easy to use zip-lock bags) and then cooked in waterbath set to the precise temperature depending on ingredient used(usually between 50 °C – 90 °C). After period of time(1 hour or so) infusion is removed, filtered and bottled.

sous vide cocktailsBenefits of Sous Vide method

There is precise control of temperature and time of infusion so there is no risk of overcooking or burning the ingredients.

It’s cooked in vacuum sealed pouches so there can’t be spoilage by oxidation and no aroma of ingredients can escape.

In general it’s quicker and more consistent method then simple infusion or maceration.  


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