The Ultimate gin and tonic

gin and tonic best serve

In the Ultimate G&T gin plays certainly the main part and should be served with particular garnish and tonic water which is not overpowering but complimenting the whole drinking experience. We will firstly take a closer look at each of the 3 elements separately.


I can’t emphasise this enough the importance of good quality gin. London Dry style is in the most cases sign of a decent gin but some brands of Distilled or Old tom style can do also a great job in combination with tonic water. Just be aware of good marketing skills although the lack of quality of some brands such as Bombay Sapphire or Hendricks. People can be easily fooled by this.

Tonic Water

When choosing tonic water I like brands which allow the gin to shine through so the first obvious choice is Fever-tree which works well with the most of the gin brands, they do also some other flavours which compliment the only certain type of gins so use them carefully.

The second choice will be Q tonic water similar to Fever-tree with little less sweetness and low calories content. These premium tonics can be on the expensive side, so if you’re looking for a budget option, you can check the article how to make your own tonic water in the simple process. The biggest advantage of homemade tonic water is that you can always adjust your recipe and have more control over the flavour.


Garnish is not only a matter of either lemon or lime. When choosing one then think of the aroma and visual appeal of the drink. Don’t overpower or overload your drink sometimes less is better. One of the great garnishes is a slice of pink grapefruit which works well for the majority of gin brands because it’s more on the neutral side.

Perfect serve Ultimate G&T

You can use either tall highball glass or balloon glass – with the balloon you get to appreciate flavour more because the most of the flavour comes through the nose and is carried by bubbles so the bigger the surface then more aroma you will get.

Use plenty of ice – it will chill your drink properly,  you won’t loose as many bubbles and your drink will stay fizzier.

Perfect ratio for G&T is 3:1 Tonic to Gin but it also depends on the strength of particular gin

Ultimate G&T

This is just one the examples of G&T you can experiment with different brands of gin or adjust your recipe for homemade tonic water.

50ml Gerenium London Dry gin
15ml Homemade Quinine Syrup
Top up with Soda water
Serve in the balloon glass and garnish with Lavender sprig and a Grapefruit twist.

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