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Best alcohol brands

It’s a huge advantage of having some decent knowledge about spirit, liqueur or vermouth brands, especially when creating a cocktail. There are the real core and starting point of any cocktail, hiding plenty of different flavours, aromas and texture which you might have never thought of.

You might also start with a guide to tasting a spirit which will help you to better understand all the information and how flavours develop. Tasting a spirit takes time and practice in order to build associations with each particular flavour and memory bank of flavours. All of that will give you a massive advantage when building a cocktail and pairing various ingredients according to it.

In my list, you might find brands that are not necessarily the most expensive or the cheapest but the ones that are providing the greatest value for money.

You may not agree with all of my suggestions, but that’s the beauty of opinion and I hope that you will be inspired.

The practical list of the best vodka brands with tasting notes and recommended serve. 

The best London Dry gins with their tasting notes, botanicals and recommended serve.

The best Blended Scotch whiskies for the money with tasting notes and estimated prices in $/£.