Top 10 Vodka brands

1. Bpremium vodka from polandelvedere Vodka

Great taste comes naturally that’s the sentence which best characterises this greatest Polish vodka with a lot of nice flavours. Belvedere is a brand of Polish rye vodka which is 4-times distilled with balanced character and purity always authentic and never artificial.
Tasting notes: Full and well-rounded with rich, velvety texture. Notes of vanilla and rye on the palette with a hint of white pepper and spice. Crisp and clean finish.
How to drink: Best served on the rocks or in some cocktails where it can show the character


ketel one vodka from holland2.Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One is a brand of the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands.Remains family business for generations. Ketel One Vodka is distilled from 100% wheat in copper pot stills which give it fragrance, flavour, feel and finish.
Tasting notes: Fresh citrusy aromas on the nose leading to silky softness. A developing touch of tingling spice near the end creates a long, crisp finish.
How to drink: On the rocks or in a vast number of cocktails.


grey goose vodka3. Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is made from wheat and represents one of the best French Vodkas which is produced since 1997. One of the most widespread super-premium vodkas on the market.
Grey Goose produces aromas  in the distillation process which is specific to Grey Goose vodka. It is made from 100% French ingredients.
Tasting Notes:  Mild sweet and rich taste, clear and bright, pleasant and distinctive with a signature smoothness.
How to drink: Best enjoyed  in Vodka Martini Cocktails


russian premium vodka4. Stolichnaya Vodka

Probably the most distinctive vodka in the world. Three-times distilled from rich grain and finished with pure natural waters. Stolichnaya is from Russia, the birthplace of great vodka but the natural water is from Latvia, where it’s also bottled.
Tasting notes: Mineral and fruity aromas,  silky smooth with oily body and hint of citrus, slightly fragrant peppery  finish.

How to drink: Try it chilled neat (traditional Russian style), on the rocks or with your favourite mixer.


5. Chase Vodka

The finest English potato vodka made on the family run UK craft distillery Chase,the only UK distillery to offer a premium vodka that is made entirely from seed to bottle.They do other flavoured Vodkas such as Seville orange marmalade, Oak smoked or Rhubarb.

Tasting notes: Light peppery and very clean aromas, smooth with a naturally sweet and creamy taste and well-rounded mineral and potato finish.

How to drink: Serve neat and chilled over ice, or can be enjoyed in a cocktail.


polish premium konik's tail vodka6. Konik’s Tail Vodka

Launched in 2010, Konik’s Tail is a small batch super premium vodka made from three distinct grains – Ancient Spelt Wheat, Golden Rye and Early Winter Wheat represented by the three koniks(Polish horses) on the label.

Tasting notes: Very clean slightly peppery aroma with its rich creamy flavour, complex and very well balanced.  Long dry peppery spice finish  and jammy tasting notes.

How to drink:  Best served neat, over ice or in many contemporary cocktails.


French grape premium ciroc vodka7. Ciroc Vodka

Cîroc Vodka is ultra premium vodka manufactured in France made from two different types of French grapes which are distilled five times.

Tasting notes: Soft,clean citrus aromas with lightly sweet and natural flavours of grape, crisp and clean finish.

How to drink: Simply neat or on the rocks


Chopin polish luxury vodka made from potatoes8. Chopin Vodka

Polish luxury vodka made from potatoes,rye or wheat to showcase just how distinctive spirit vodka can be, 4 times distilled and named after famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin. Chopin vodka has also won many international awards.

Chopin Potato Vodka Tasting notes:    A bit more powerful on the nose. On the body, it offers a viscous creamy character with the smooth and slightly sweet finish.

How to drink: Can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in Martini.


Finlandia vodka made from barley and produced in Finland9. Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia is produced in Finland and made from six-row barley and old glacial spring water.

Tasting notes: Soft fruit stone nose, with an incredibly smooth offering on the palate and very long peppery finish.

How to drink: Great in a range number of cocktails


premium absolut vodka from Sweden10. Absolut Vodka

Absolut is the leading brand of premium vodka produced in southern Sweden and owned by French group Pernod Ricard. Absolut is the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world and is sold in 126 countries.

Tasting notes: Clean on the nose with a hint of wheat. Smooth on the palette, with peppery spice notes and liquorice finish.

How to drink: Neat or best served in cocktails.


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