Using a bar spoon with different techniques

Bar spoon can be used mainly for stirring mixed drinks but there other useful benefits and cocktail techniques which we will go through later on in more details. Good bar spoon allows you to stir smoothly so the drink is properly chilled with silky soft texture and no air bubbles. There are 3 main types of bar spoons available on the market:

american bar spoon for stirred drinks

bar spoon for stirred cocktails

japanese bar spoon for stirred drinks





American bar spoon is simple, inexpensive and functional so it will eventually do the job.

European bar spoon is a bit more stylish with a disk placed on the end used for muddling or layering cocktails.

Japanese bar spoon is typically longer with elegant design. The end of the spoon can be finished in different ways including fork for grabbing garnishes.

Stirring a cocktail

Drinks that are ideal for stirring are those made of clear ingredients.

1. Make sure you chill your mixing glass before stirring any drinks. That way your drink will be chilled faster without any extra dilution.

2.The process of stirring should be done smoothly without any excessive noise which leads to a possibility of chipping the ice(extra dilution) or in some cases air bubbles(texture).

3. How do you know that your cocktail is chilled? First of all your mixing glass will be frosted on the outside and if you follow the rules above its usually about 20 stirs in each direction (40).

Layering cocktail with bar spoon

It’s basically layering one liquid on the top of another which can be done under one condition that the weight of the liquid laying on the top should be less than the bottom one.

Slowly pour the liquid on the rounded back of a bar spoon, keeping spoon as close to the layer below without touching it.

Muddling ingredients with bar spoon

This can be done with the European type of bar spoon, this technique works the best for more delicate ingredients(herbs).

Gently press the ingredients against the bottom of the glass and with the end of the bar spoon although not crushing them. The back of the bar spoon can be also used effectively to mix ingredients in the glass.  


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