What are differences between Crème liqueurs?

Creme liqueur(not to be confused with Cream liqueur) is made from distilled spirit, a sweetener and some sort of flavouring. So what makes it different from other liqueurs is the higher amount of sugar with a viscous almost syrupy like texture.

Creme de Cassis

Probably the most famous Creme liqueur flavoured with Black Currants which gives it exotic depth and contrast between fruity and acidic part of the fruit. Also well known for Kir and Kir Royal which are simple to make cocktails in the both versions just a dash of Cassis and top up with Dry White Wine or Champagne.

Creme de Mure

This Blackberry flavoured liqueur with a tart, rich and marmalade like flavour is probably the most famous for a cocktail called Bramble. I’ve made a variation on Breakfast Martini called Gin, jam and juice.

Creme de Violette

Liqueur made from Violette flowers. This intense Violette liqueur is a necessary ingredient in order to make a proper Aviation cocktail.

Creme de Cacao

Chocolate bean flavoured liqueur which has two versions White Creme de Cacao and Dark Creme de Cacao difference is that White version is a clear liqueur with slightly sweeter taste and Dark version is more rich and bitter. This liqueur is famous for cocktail Brandy Alexander although originally made with gin has also many variations with a different based spirits

There are other perhaps less famous flavours of different Creme liqueurs so just to name a few.

Creme de Framboise – Raspberry flavoured liqueur

Creme de Fraise – Strawberry flavoured liqueur

Creme de Menthe – Mint flavoured liqueur 

Creme de Peche – Peach flavoured liquer


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