What is the difference between Aperol and Campari?

Camparicampari italian bitter aperitivo liqueur

An Italian bitter aperitivo liqueur is well known for its unique bitter orange taste and signature dark red colour. The product with more than 150 years of history where only a few people know the recipe which is kept as a secret.

Campari is made by infusing herbs, aromatic plants and fruits in alcohol and water including Chinotto(small bitter oranges), Rhubarb or Ginseng.

What Does Campari taste like?

On the nose: Bitter Orange scent and earthy aromas

On the palate: It starts sweet but then it’s quickly replaced by dominant bitter orange flavours and earthy, herbal lingering bitter finish.

How to serve Campari?

Campari is commonly served with Soda water, Citrus juice(Orange juice) or in cocktails but can be equally enjoyed on its own as an Aperitif before the meal.

Campari is famous for a number of classic cocktails such as Negroni, Americano, Negroni Sbagliato or Boulevardier.

Aperol italian aperitif with the low alcohol content Aperol

Aperol is Italian aperitif liqueur with a bright orange colour and its unique bitter-sweet taste derived from a secret recipe which has never been changed.It’s the strongest point is the low alcohol content, only 11%.

Aperol is made from an infusion of bitter and sweet oranges and many other herbs including rhubarb, chinchona and gentian roots.

What Does Aperol taste like?

On the nose: Light aromas of orange

On the palate: Intense orange with a bit of sweetness before developing biter-sweet finish with orange and rhubarb flavours lingering on the palate.

How to serve Aperol?

Aperol is the most famous for Aperol Spritz, a typical Italian aperitivo cocktail with a ratio 3:2:1 Prosecco, Aperol Soda water served usually in Baloon glass or Tumbler. 

There are also plenty of contemporary cocktail recipes using Aperol. I’ve made a cocktail called Ruby Red using Reposado Tequila, Aperol, Yellow Chartreuse, Grapefruit juice. Lime juice, Agave syrup and Egg White.


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